How the Bathroom Dresser Factory Should Adapt to the Development of the Times?


Hangzhou Haosen Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. is one of the […]

Hangzhou Haosen Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. is one of the bathroom vanity factories. The sanitary ware market in my country has developed for more than 20 years. The products have been meeting the needs of consumers' taste and culture from the initial meeting of functional needs, and the product classification is also based on meeting common needs , To meet consumers' individualized demand for beauty and innovation. At the product level, driven by consumption upgrades, the intelligent upgrade of sanitary products has become an obvious trend in the development of the industry.

Compared with foreign countries, my country's sanitary fittings industry started late. Before the 1980s, there were fewer types of sanitary fittings in my country. The production enterprises were mainly hand-made workshops and small private factories, and the production efficiency was low. Since the mid-to-late 1990s, my country's macro economy has entered a period of rapid development, and the scale of real estate and urban public infrastructure construction has continued to expand, which has led to the rapid development of my country's local bathroom accessories enterprises and the domestic bathroom accessories product market.

After years of development, domestic sanitary fittings companies have made considerable development and progress. Although there are still few sanitary fittings companies with international brand influence, on the basis of digesting and absorbing the product design concepts and advanced technologies of internationally renowned sanitary brands, through continuous independent research and development, the scale of production and manufacturing is continuously expanded. The market competitiveness of accessory companies in terms of product design, technology development, production scale, product quality, and market brand is constantly improving.

Considering the consumption behavior and consumption habits of different countries or regions, developed countries or regions such as the United States and Europe have developed earlier, and houses have a longer life span. Local residents are also pursuing fashionable designs, new technologies, and new functions of bathroom accessories. The demand for replacement and upgrading of shower heads, shower systems, faucets and other products is high; developing countries such as China and India are still in the period of urbanization, and the demand for first decoration of bathroom accessories is high. The market demand for high-end bathroom accessories is gradually being released.

For the bathroom vanity factory in my country, with the further development of the global economy and the continuous emergence of new materials and technologies, people will be more water-saving, more environmentally friendly, intelligent, electronic, and user-friendly, and can significantly improve the water experience in the future. The consumer demand for bathroom accessories products will show a steady growth trend.

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