How to Dress Up a Bathroom With a Small Space?


When you have a large bathroom, you can design a luxuri […]

When you have a large bathroom, you can design a luxurious bathroom washbasin cabinet, or you can integrate the bathroom and dressing room. However, the bathroom area in many families is very small. Due to space constraints, additional functions are omitted, and basic functions are indispensable.

There are three measures to dress up a small space of 2 square meters: one is the clever use of light colors. Mainly simple and textured white tiles, combined with black and white zebra striped tiles, expand the space visually. Second, the choice of sanitary products emphasizes functionality. The one-piece toilet is small and light. The wall-mounted shower faucet, corner countertop, and single-hole basin faucet greatly save space and are full of modern flavor. The third is the magic mirror. But a mirror of the right size can often double the space while satisfying the washing function.

If it is an ordinary space of 3 square meters, the configuration products can be a one-piece toilet, standard stainless steel bathroom cabinet, 10 cm washbasin faucet, 15 cm wall-mounted bathtub faucet, 140 cm acrylic bathtub without the apron. In addition, a scenic window is added to the bathroom, so that the owner can enjoy the scenery outside the window while taking a bath. At the same time, in order to highlight the classic feelings, the cherry wood stainless steel bathroom cabinets that show the French romantic feelings can be boldly used, and the elegant goose yellow curtains are used to make the whole design not only highlight the modern fashion style but also have a classic charm.

If it is a transparent space of 4 square meters, you can not only use a single desktop faucet, 110 cm curved glass shelf, 170 cm steel bathtub, 15 cm wall-mounted bathtub faucet, etc., but also use transparent materials to dissolve The limitation of the small space makes the glass bathroom sink and the brown transparent skirt of the bathtub become crystal clear and exquisite things to set off space. The metal bracket and shower become the texture fulcrum that highlights the entire modern space. The main wall is brown. Glass tiles and white ceramic tiles have become readable pictures that inspire the owner to imagine the taste of life.

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