Knowledge of Modern Bathroom Cabinets


With the changes of the times, people not only look at […]

With the changes of the times, people not only look at practicality but also pay attention to aesthetics when choosing furniture. modern bathroom cabinets are the first choice for many families, and their shapes are more generous and beautiful. It can meet the needs of different families. At the same time, it is very cost-effective in terms of materials and prices.

Do you know anything about modern bathroom cabinets? Do you know the types of modern bathroom cabinets? Do you know the characteristics and installation of modern bathroom cabinets? Here is an introduction to modern bathroom cabinets.

1. Features of modern bathroom cabinets
①The lines are refined and circulated, the appearance is simple and generous, fashionable, the colors are rich and changeable, the functions are complete, and the continuous application of high-tech products and new technologies makes it more humane.

②The design of the modern bathroom cabinet is novel, which brings avant-garde and unrestrained feeling.

③The original and innovative simplified decoration, the planning is frugal and fresh, which is closer to people's lives, and the decoration features are composed of curves and asymmetrical lines. The style is natural, old-fashioned, graceful and luxurious, and can fully reflect the owner's home level and identity. The waterproof function is excellent after treatment with multiple waterproof processes and paint technology.

2. Types of modern bathroom cabinets
①Solid wood bathroom cabinet
The solid wood bathroom cabinet is a cabinet made of solid wood after distillation and dehydration as the base material and processed by N-channel waterproof treatment technology. The style is natural, old-fashioned, graceful, and luxurious, which can fully reflect the person's level of furnishings and dignity, but the requirements for the environment are high, the waterproof function is low, and it is simple and dry. Bathroom cabinets made of this material must be selected from a large brand with good technology and good quality.

②PVC bathroom cabinet
The raw material of this type of bathroom cabinet is PVC skinned foam board. Its waterproof function is good, and the color gloss of the paint is dazzling, suitable for fashionable and avant-garde consumers, but it is easily deformed by gravity and cannot be recovered.

③Metal bathroom cabinet
Metal bathroom cabinets are consolidated and not deformed, and the oxidation treatment on the exterior will not constitute secondary oxidation and will not change color.

3. Modern bathroom cabinet style classification
①Hanging type: It is requested that the wall is a load-bearing wall or a solid brick wall. This kind of bathroom cabinet is suspended underneath and cleans the cleanroom and there is no clean dead corner at all.

②Floor type: There is not much difference between the floor cabinet and the hanging type. The wall is not picked up, but the bottom of the cabinet is not easy to maintain and clean, and the cabinet is simply damp.

4. Installation method of modern bathroom cabinet
①Wall-mounted bathroom main cabinet: the first check whether the wall is solid core (otherwise use a floor type), according to the selected hole position, use a percussion drill to punch holes on the wall (the installation surface is 83cm from the ground), and the wall The plugs in the wall fittings are inserted into the holes, and then the cabinet and the cover are locked with self-tapping screws and wires, or they can be installed with expansion screws. After the cabinet is installed, align the countertop basin with the wooden sack of the chess game and adjust and level it.

② Floor-standing bathroom cabinet: Place the cabinet horizontally, screw the cabinet limb components to the fixing piece through the double-ended screw, and then place the cabinet flat and place it in a proper position. The cabinet feet should be as far as possible from the outside template to make the cabinet body balanced. And adjust to the level by the anchor screw. Check whether the four feet are stable when placed.

5. Maintenance of modern bathroom cabinets
①When the bathroom cabinet is being transported, it should be lifted and placed gently, and not dragged; when placed, the floor is uneven, and the legs should be padded;

②Don't expose the bathroom cabinet to the sun, and don't place it in a dry place, put it in a place with suitable ventilation;

③There are cracks in the bathroom cabinet, you can mix it with paint and paint and then insert it to block it to keep it intact for a long time, but the color of putty and paint should be the same as the original paint to avoid scars;

④Use a soft cloth to remove dust from the bathroom cabinet. Before removing the dust, apply a spray cleaner on the soft cloth, do not wipe it with a dry cloth;

⑤Waxing regularly: every 6 to 12 months, apply a layer of wax to the bathroom cabinet with paste wax;

The above is the introduction of modern bathroom cabinets. You can choose according to your own needs, or you can go to the bathroom furniture supplier to learn more about bathroom cabinets and choose to buy them.


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