Precautions about The Cleaning And Moisture-proof of Modern Bathroom Cabinets


Modern bathroom cabinets are cabinets for placing items […]

Modern bathroom cabinets are cabinets for placing items in the bathroom. The surface materials can be divided into natural stone, jade, artificial stone, fireproof board, paint, glass, metal and solid wood. The following mainly introduces the cleaning and moisture-proof precautions of modern bathroom cabinets.

①Cleaning precautions

1. When you first buy the bathroom cabinet, you must be careful when handling it. The ceramic basin is also fragile, so lift it gently and not pull it hard. When placing the bathroom cabinet, the floor should also be level. If it is a floor cabinet, the feet should be leveled.

2. Don't put the bathroom cabinet in the hot sun. It is best to put it in a ventilated place and not a very dry place.

3. If you accidentally burnt the paint by smoking in the bathroom, you can take a toothpick, wrap it with a cloth, and slowly wipe the burn marks. You can also get some thin vinegar to remove the burn marks.

②Precautions for moisture prevention

1. When we choose bathroom cabinets, we should not only look at the appearance and shape of the product, but also pay attention to the inside and back of the bathroom cabinet.

2. Keep air circulation in the bathroom. No matter what kind of material the bathroom cabinet is made of, it will inevitably be corroded in a humid environment for a long time. Even if the bathroom cabinet is of good brand and quality, we should pay more attention to cleanliness and hygiene.

3. The size and shape of the bathroom cabinet. The purchase of bathroom cabinets should be based on the size and decoration style of our own bathroom, and then confirm the purchase. It is beneficial to reserve space reasonably.

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