The first cross-border live broadcast, what new shower room trends did he reveal?


All along, the labels engraved on them have been "low-k […]

All along, the labels engraved on them have been "low-key and steady", "powerful", and "shower room export first." This is the ideal bathroom in the eyes of most people.

1. Intelligent

In the future, the application of intelligent shower room will become more and more popular, and more enterprises will develop innovative products in this direction. But innovation is not to follow the trend. First of all, we must practice the basic skills of the product. Therefore, Ideal Sanitary Ware will continue to insist on doing a good job in design and continuously improving product quality. In terms of cross-border power, ideals are extremely cautious. When the quality of capacitors in the country reaches an extremely high level, they may consider getting involved.

2. Flat in the shower room

As an imported product, the development trend of the shower room will be closer and closer to the current European shower habits and methods. The minimalist style will gradually dominate, and the shower room without door, the floor is directly flat inside, will be the general development trend of the shower room in the future. There is no obstacle on the ground, and the design is close to the plane. Users can walk in and out directly, and the shower will become easier and easier.

3. The popularity of quick installation technology

The shower room installation has always been a university question. Without a professional installer, it is difficult to install it yourself. It is difficult to recruit professional installers in Europe, and most Europeans prefer to buy them and install them on their own. This will be a major trend in the future.

At present, it is difficult for many shower room distributors to recruit professional and skilled installers. The popularization of ideal quick installation technology will help them solve this problem well. Coupled with their unique and innovative punch-free adhesive technology, the wall does not need to be drilled, the lines on both sides are measured, and the double-sided adhesive is firmly pasted to install the shower room firmly.

As an indispensable shower space in home life, the shower room is actually a small space, the university asked. As "problem solvers" who are constantly exploring in the shower room, they hope to create an ideal bathing space for users. The ideal bathroom makes the shower understand life better.

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