How to choose bathroom hardware? You will know which one to buy after reading it


People's pursuit of exquisite life promotes the develop […]

People's pursuit of exquisite life promotes the development of home decoration. In the process of furniture selection, the proportion of hardware accessories is small, but whether it is custom-made or purchase of finished furniture, kitchen, bathroom and other hardware are not to be underestimated.

Then there are many kinds of hardware accessories on the market, good and bad, how can we choose high-quality and suitable hardware accessories?

= One =

A bathroom without a rack is an incomplete bathroom! Although it is a serious nonsense, it indirectly acknowledges the importance of the hanger in the bathroom.

When choosing a style, you should also consider whether it meets the overall design of the home improvement. The bathroom racks are generally divided into single poles and double poles. It is recommended to buy double poles.


= Two =

The shower head is a sanitary product that is used every day, and its quality will directly affect the owner's shower experience and mood.

When choosing a shower, check the water outlet mode. The general shower has more than two water outlet modes. The adjustment method is to squeeze the small handle on the shower or directly turn the shower head to switch the water at will.

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