The Right Bathroom Cabinet Color Can Improve the Effect of Bathroom Decoration


The bathroom cabinet is the standard configuration of t […]

The bathroom cabinet is the standard configuration of the bathroom. It not only meets the storage requirements but also bears the important task of bathroom decoration effect and taste. Bathroom cabinets of different colors will bring different visual effects and feelings.

1. White bathroom cabinet

The white looks very clean, the visual effect is quiet and pure, and the minimalist design can make more reasonable use of every inch of space to meet the storage requirements of various toiletries.

2.Gray bathroom cabinet

In recent years, high-grade gray is very popular, gray looks very textured, a little embellishment can create a very high-feeling design effect. For example, gray bathroom cabinets, matched with marble countertops of the same color, give the overall visual effect light and luxurious feeling. You can even consider a black bathroom cabinet, which not only has all the characteristics of gray but also makes the bathroom more individual.

3. Retro blue bathroom cabinet

The more popular Morandi colors in the past two years, such as retro blue and retro green, have a very light and luxurious style, and then use gold to embellish them, instantly enhancing the decoration effect of the bathroom to a higher level.

4. Wood color bathroom cabinet

Common wood colors are natural wood and teak. The original wood color is more suitable for the bathroom decorated in a simple style, while the teak color is more advanced and can meet the matching requirements of Chinese style, American style and European style. The natural texture of wood color makes the texture more comfortable. With the golden handle, the bathroom environment created is more high-grade.

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