What Are The Material Characteristics of PVC Bathroom Cabinets?


PVC is the chemical name, called polyvinyl chloride. Po […]

PVC is the chemical name, called polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride has excellent acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, combustion resistance and insulation properties. However, the stability to light and heat is poor. When the temperature is above 100°C or in the case of light, hydrogen chloride will be decomposed, causing the color to turn yellow. At the same time, the above-mentioned good mechanical and chemical properties drop rapidly. The solution is to add stabilizers during processing, such as cadmium, barium, and zinc salts of stearic acid or other fatty acids.

PVC can generally be divided into two categories: hard and soft. No plasticizer is added in the processing of hard products, while a large amount of plasticizer is added in the processing of soft products. Polyvinyl chloride is originally a rigid plastic, and its glass transition temperature is 80-85 °C. After adding plasticizer, the glass transition temperature can be lowered, it is convenient to process at lower temperature, the flexibility and plasticity of the molecular chain can be increased, and it can be made into a soft product that is elastic at room temperature. Commonly used plasticizers are dioctyl phthalate, o-ester. Generally, the amount of plasticizer added to soft PVC is 30% to 70% of that of PVC.

PVC can be processed into various profiles and products after adding plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, colorants, and fillers during processing.

In addition to having similar properties to general plastic products, such as light weight, easy coloring during manufacturing, bright colors and good decoration, the most prominent advantage of PVC material is that it is extinguished immediately after leaving the fire, so it has better fire resistance, and The price is low, and decorative materials for various purposes are often produced by different production processes according to different requirements.

The board used in the PVC bathroom cabinet belongs to the chemical board. This material is very soft, so the bathroom cabinet and bath manufactured are very lightweight and can be easily moved, which is very convenient. Bathroom cabinets made of this chemical raw material generally do not absorb water, and do not swell or deform.


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