What Should I Consider When Buying A Bathroom Cabinet?


Bathroom cabinets are standard in the bathroom. How to […]

Bathroom cabinets are standard in the bathroom. How to distinguish between good and bad bathroom cabinets? How can I buy a good bathroom cabinet? Choose to hang on the wall or land? I want the bathroom cabinet to have a strong storage function, how to choose it?

1. Style

In terms of styles, bathroom cabinets mainly include wall-mounted and floor-to-ceiling models. The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is moisture-proof and easy to clean the bottom of the cabinet; the floor-standing bathroom cabinet has various styles and strong storage capacity.

Before you decide whether to buy a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet or a floor-standing bathroom cabinet, you must first confirm whether the drainage method at home is floor drainage or wall drainage.

Whether the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet or the floor-mounted bathroom cabinet is to be determined can be comprehensively determined according to the space of the bathroom, drainage method and personal preference.

2. Storage

A good bathroom cabinet storage function max can solve the worries that the countertop is full of toiletries, skin care products and other products. Generally, bathroom cabinets have drawer compartments (drawers) and box storage (door cabinets).

The advantage of the drawer compartment storage is that it is easy to take and put in order, but the space in the cabinet is relatively limited; the box storage can easily store large-volume items, such as shampoo and laundry liquid, but it is relatively messy and difficult to access. If there is no layering inside, it is recommended to use a storage box to make use of the space in the cabinet.

If the storage space of the bathroom cabinet can't meet your requirements, there are mirror cabinets! The mirror cabinet can be customized according to actual needs.

3. Material

There are many materials for bathroom cabinets on the market. The bathroom space is a relatively humid environment. Therefore, one of the factors to consider whether a bathroom cabinet is excellent is moisture resistance.

I sorted the common materials of bathroom cabinets into a table and listed the corresponding advantages and disadvantages for everyone to choose.

For details, please consult: bathroom furniture supplier.

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