5 Major Issues to Consider When Installing Bathroom Cabinets


Whether it is a large or a small apartment, the bathroo […]

Whether it is a large or a small apartment, the bathroom will be equipped with a bathroom cabinet. As one of the three major parts of the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet is used every day. If the purchase is unreasonable, it will not only affect the appearance of the bathroom but also affect the quality of life.

First of all, the mirror cabinet is a good choice. For men, only a cup, toothbrush, facial cleanser and other cleaning products are needed to wash up every morning and evening. For girls, the storage function of the bathroom cabinet is very important, and skincare products and cosmetics can be used. Stored in the mirror cabinet, it is neat and easy to find.

Secondly, no matter what kind of bathroom cabinet you choose, you must pay attention to the drain pipe. Choosing a sewer pipe with a trap can prevent the odor from leaking into the room from the sink drain. The sewer pipe with a sealing rubber ring can avoid the leakage of odor.

Third, there are many styles of countertops for bathroom cabinets, which can be divided into round basins, square basins, flat-bottom basins, shallow-bottom basins, etc. according to the shape, and can be divided into above-counter basins, under-counter basins, and integrated basins according to the installation method. You can choose the right basin according to your own needs.

There are two types of bathroom cabinets: wall-mounted and floor-standing. The bottom of the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is empty, which is easy to clean up, and there is basically no sanitary dead corner. Space below can be used for small stools and footbaths.

The floor-to-ceiling bathroom cabinet has large storage space, convenient storage of items, flexible installation, no requirement on the strength of the wall, and can also cover the drainpipe below. However, sanitation is inconvenient, and the toilet is crowded.

In the traditional concept, the main light is installed in the bathroom. However, with people's requirements for exquisite life, only one main lamp can no longer meet our needs. We can imitate a professional dressing table and install the mirror headlights on both sides of the mirror to form parallel lighting. If the space is not suitable, you can also install a mirror headlight above the mirror to let the light hit your face.

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