Bathroom Cabinets-an Important Presence in Bathroom Adornment


When it comes to bathroom vanity bathroom cabinet, ever […]

When it comes to bathroom vanity bathroom cabinet, everyone is familiar with them. As the standard equipment of the bathroom, it bears the important task of washing and bathroom storage. Choosing a suitable bathroom cabinet can make the bathroom more clean, comfortable and easy to use, and can also improve the appearance of the bathroom to a certain extent. So how to choose a bathroom cabinet?

There are four types of bathroom cabinet materials: solid wood, multilayer board, density board and PVC board. The solid wood bathroom cabinet has good durability, good texture and corrosion resistance. The moisture-proof performance of the multi-layer board is good, and the price is moderate. MDF is made of crushed wood, which has poor moisture resistance and is prone to mold and deformation. The water-resistance of the PVC board is good, but it is made of plastic, which has poor environmental protection and high-temperature resistance.

Counter basin styles are mainly divided into the above counter basin, under counter basin, and integrated basin. There are crevices around the countertop or under-counter basins, which can cause mildew for a long time, especially the cleaning of the countertop basins is troublesome, and water stains are easy to splash on the bathroom cabinet. It is recommended to choose a ceramic one-piece basin, one-piece molding, no need to worry about hiding dirt and high value.

The bathroom countertop materials are mainly marble, artificial stone, glass, ceramics, etc. Marble is expensive and easy to crack. Artificial stone has a good waterproof but poor hardness. It is easy to deform at high temperatures. The glass-tempered style is single and easy to scale. It is recommended to choose high-temperature ceramics, which are anti-fouling, waterproof and scratch-resistant.

When considering the storage in the bathroom, it is recommended to install a mirror cabinet to hide most of the items in it, and a small part of the open cabinet to put some commonly used items.

Electric toothbrushes, hairdryers, facial cleansers, etc. are often used in toilets. It is recommended to install 2 sockets next to the bathroom cabinet. Mirror lights can be added to the top or both sides of the bathroom cabinet, especially for girls who often make up or skincare, bathroom mirrors are indispensable.

The bathroom is damp, so don't underestimate the hardware accessories. Good hardware will not rust and fall off even after a long time of use.

As a bathroom furniture supplier, Hangzhou Housen Furniture Co., Ltd. provides you with the above six suggestions. When choosing bathroom cabinets, pay more attention to choosing bathroom cabinets with satisfactory prices and reliable quality. For more information, please continue to follow us.

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