Advantages and Disadvantages of PVC Bathroom Cabinets


PVC bathroom cabinet is one of the more common bathroom […]

PVC bathroom cabinet is one of the more common bathroom furniture, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of PVC bathroom cabinet and combination bathroom cabinet.

Advantages of PVC bathroom cabinet:

1. High hardness and good water resistance. PVC material has good hardness and will not break easily, and it is a blister panel with good waterproofness, will not be easy to get wet, and will not swell and deform.

2. Acid and alkali resistant, very environmentally friendly. PVC is also polyvinyl chloride, which has good acid and alkali resistance and is easy to clean and maintain at ordinary times. Simply wipe it with a detergent. Moreover, the PVC material can be recycled twice, which reduces a lot of waste of resources and is green and environmentally friendly.

3. Wear-resistant and light in weight. PVC is more wear-resistant, not prone to scratches, and has high density, light weight, easy handling and convenient processing.

Disadvantages of PVC bathroom cabinet:

1. Easy to peel. The humidity in the bathroom is relatively heavy. PVC bathroom cabinets have been in this situation for a long time, which is easy to peel, which greatly affects the appearance.

2. Poor light resistance. PVC materials are more sensitive to light. If they are exposed to strong sunlight for a long time, they will fade and yellow, which will greatly affect their decorative effects.

3. May contain toxic substances. PVC is originally a chemical substance, so it may contain some toxic additives. Under the action of steam, toxic substances may leak out, which is easy to cause harm to the human body.

PVC bathroom cabinet combination:

1. Mirror

The combination of mirror and bathroom cabinet is a common match. The mirror surface is clear, and the mirror that can reflect the true and accurate, non-deformed mirror image is a better mirror. Generally, better coating technology and advanced painting technology are used, so that the processed silver mirror is suitable for the original mirror.

2. Washbasin

The washbasin and the bathroom cabinet are inseparable. There are many types of washbasins, stainless steel washbasins and ceramic washbasins are commonly used. Both of these are more environmentally friendly and durable. The ceramic washbasin is not easy to be stained after long-term use, and the stainless steel washbasin is not easy to be damaged.

3. Bathroom shelf

Some bathroom cabinets will come with a bathroom shelf, which is installed together with the mirror, for daily necessities such as brushing teeth, cups, and facial cleanser, which is not only convenient but also space-saving.

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