Which Material Should I Choose For Bathroom Washbasin Cabinet?


Because the bathroom washbasin cabinet is in a long-ter […]

Because the bathroom washbasin cabinet is in a long-term humid space, the requirements for the cabinet material are relatively high. The basic requirement is whether the material is waterproof and whether it can be used for a long time without deformation. Generally there are the following materials.

1.solid wood panels

The solid wood products are mainly oak, and there are birch and pine products. Oak laminated timber is recognized as the most ideal material for making high-end bathroom cabinets.

The style is natural, simple, graceful and luxurious, which can fully reflect the grade of home decoration, suitable for making European-style bathroom cabinets.

has a unique wood grain, the wood is corrosion-resistant, high-density, and hard.

The solid wood bathroom cabinets of big brands with good quality will be waterproof and spray painted, and there will be no damp deformation.

Solid wood panels are natural and environmentally friendly, and emit less formaldehyde than other materials. They are natural and environmentally friendly, and are more durable.

2.multilayer solid wood board

Multi-layer solid wood board is made by hot pressing three or more layers of veneer or thin board wood glue.

Multi-layer solid wood board is more rigid, stable in structure and not easy to deform.

Multi-layer solid wood board has the characteristics of not easy to deform and can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. The surface layer of solid wood veneer material has the natural and real wood texture and feel, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.

The multi-layer solid wood board bathroom cabinet uses environmentally friendly glue, so the environmental performance is better.

3.PVC sheet

The raw material is PVC skinned foam board, and pvc board belongs to chemical board.

Pvc bathroom cabinet does not absorb water and will not swell and deform like wood. But the price is much cheaper than other solid wood bathroom cabinets

Moisture-proof and waterproof, the price is low, the color and gloss of the paint are bright and eye-catching.

pvc bath cabinet is also scratch-resistant, high-density, easy to process, novel and unique in style design.

The pvc material is very soft, so the weight of the pvc bathroom cabinet is very small and easy to move.

Pvc bath cabinet has strong waterproof performance, high hardness, and strong practicability and service life.

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