Bathroom Furniture Supplier Introduces The Waterproof Strategy Of Bathroom Furniture


Many owners who pay attention to the quality of life an […]

Many owners who pay attention to the quality of life and beauty will put wooden furniture in the bathroom, but a bathroom is a place with heavy moisture, how can we extend the service life of the wooden furniture in the bathroom? The following Bathroom Furniture Supplier talks about how to waterproof and moisture-proof the wooden furniture in the bathroom!

1. Selection of plates.
Good wooden bathroom furniture materials cannot be sloppy. Therefore, when we choose wooden sanitary products, we should pay attention to those products that are waterproof and moisture-proof. The environmentally friendly materials that meet the standards are the key to protecting the health of the family.

2. The importance of back protection.
Many people only pay attention to the beauty of the front of the product when buying wooden bathroom products, and do not pay much attention to the details on the back. The double decorative veneer back panel can completely prevent the MDF base material from being exposed, so that water will not have the opportunity to enter the board from the back of the cabinet. It can be said that the double decorative veneer back panel is a good helper for waterproof and moisture-proof. Editor's side story: It is impossible for us to completely remove the water droplets and water vapor on the sanitary ware after each shower, so it is a good choice to choose this double decorative veneer back panel.

3. The choice of bathroom wooden furniture should pay attention to details.
Shop around. Observation and selection of details are the key factors for the success or failure of buying furniture. The selection of wooden sanitary ware cannot be overlooked in small parts, and whether the furniture is qualified can be known by observing the details.

4. Reasonable use of space.
Generally speaking, the sink cabinet in the bathroom will have a wooden bottom plate, which will deform if it is soaked for a long time. Therefore, we should pay attention to the space used when placing the wooden floor we purchased, and wipe the water drops on it in time after use.

5. Precautions during installation.
When installing wooden sanitary ware, we try not to dig holes in the cabinet panel. You can use multifunctional edge banding tape to tightly wrap the cutting edge of the panel, which can play a better waterproof and moisture-proof effect.


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