Bathroom Cabinet Supplier Introduces The Secrets Of Bathroom Furniture Selection


Due to the special temperature and humidity environment […]

Due to the special temperature and humidity environment of the bathroom, waterproof and moisture-proof is the key when choosing bathroom furniture for decoration. Experiments show that for toilets with external windows, the humidity of the toilet is between 25% and 35% under general ventilation conditions; after a shower, the humidity can reach about 85%. For bathrooms without external windows, the humidity of the bathroom is between 35% and 50% under general ventilation conditions, and the humidity can reach up to 95% after showering. A high humidity environment requires the furniture in the bathroom to withstand the test. According to reports, the choice of high-end bathroom furniture is based on solid wood, moisture-proof board, and density board. The sophisticated surface treatment process is used to resist temperature, humidity, and ultraviolet rays, ensuring that the substrate will not crack when used in the bathroom for a long time. Deformed. Next, Bathroom Cabinet Supplier will introduce the waterproof characteristics of different materials of furniture?

1. Solid wood bathroom furniture:
In order not to conceal the natural texture of the wood grain and make the bathroom furniture have a classic beauty, these products are mostly sprayed with environmentally friendly chemical products (acrylic acid). After treatment, the moisture-proof and waterproof performance is greatly improved, which overcomes the high humidity requirements of solid wood furniture. Weakness.

2. Veneer bathroom furniture:
Solid wood or MDF is used as the base material, and the solid wood veneer is 360-degree pasted and the surface is painted with waterproof paint. However, because the base material is different from the wood type of the solid wood veneer, it is extremely Prone to cracking, which affects the waterproof effect.

3. Blister bathroom furniture:
PVC is mainly used as the blister panel, which is adsorbed on density board or moisture-proof board by vacuum hot pressing. The moisture-proof board is a solidified product of the wood pulp and moisture-proof particles, generally blue or green, which can absorb the board into a whole after blister, No edge sealing, excellent moisture-proof, and waterproof performance. It has a market share of more than 40% in Europe and requires high equipment. Some domestic manufacturers use domestic or second-hand equipment for processing, which is prone to large seams and blisters.

4. Painted bathroom furniture:
The painted substrate is sent to the drying room for drying so that the painted surface of the cabinet can achieve the waterproof effect, the painted surface is bright and bright, the process is simple, the cost is low, and the products are mostly low-end products.

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