The New Design Concept of Overall Bathroom Furniture


In the integral bathroom, that is, the functions of was […]

In the integral bathroom, that is, the functions of washing, showering and excretion are realized in a fixed space. Next, we will introduce its design concepts and features around the overall bathroom cabinet.

Consider cleaning, lighting, ventilation and other factors when designing the bathroom. The walls of the overall bathroom are mostly simple and elegant ceramic tiles, the ceiling is decorated with glass, aluminum gusset, translucent plates, and waterproof coating; the floor is non-slip, waterproof, and dirt-resistant floor tiles.

When designing the overall bathroom, you need to measure the dimensions of each part of the bathroom in advance to ensure that the design is error-free. Factors such as floor tiles and wall tiles are removed. Factors such as bathtubs, washbasins, and toilets also need to be considered. The color of the overall bathroom is usually white, and its decoration mostly incorporates modern fashion elements.

Features of the overall bathroom:

1. The overall bathroom is dry construction, without cement, mortar, etc. It is easy to install and ready to use.

2. The bathroom is a professional waterproof chassis, which perfectly solves the problem of bathroom leakage.

3. The walls, ceiling and floor are all constructed of resin materials, and high-end bathroom products such as massage bathtubs and computer steam rooms are used, which is environmentally friendly and there are no tiles in the entire space.

4. Excellent antibacterial performance, beneficial to people's health.

5. Easy to clean, no sanitary corners.

6. The main body and accessories are in a unified style, a unified design, and the service is attentive, and the installation and after-sales are guaranteed.

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