Choose The Bathroom Washbasin Cabinet to Enhance The Beauty of The Bathroom


The washbasin is a very important existence in the bath […]

The washbasin is a very important existence in the bathroom or bathroom, and it is also the most frequently used object, which affects the appearance and comfort of the bathroom. 5 minutes to understand the form and material of the bathroom washbasin cabinet.

Before reading this article, your impression of the washbasin may be limited to white, ceramic, hundreds or thousands of pieces, but after reading this article, you will also know that there are countertops of various colors, styles and materials Pots are available.

Basin form

Counter basins, the more common ones are on-counter basins and under-counter basins, which look more trendy, such as wall-mounted, semi-embedded, column type, frame type, etc.

Desktop basins are the most widely used types of basins, including over-counter basins, under-counter basins, and semi-embedded basins.

1. Countertop Basin

The appearance of the countertop basin is very high, and the installation is simple, and the maintenance and replacement are convenient. You only need to open a hole at a suitable position on the countertop, and then seal the contact line between the two with glass glue. The shape of the countertop basin is very free, and all kinds of irregularities of round, square, etc. will do.

However, the countertop basin is relatively difficult to clean, the gap between the countertop and the countertop is prone to mold and blackening (it can be re-applied), and it is easy to get water to the ground when cleaning the countertop.

Friends who choose an over-counter basin, pay attention to the height of the bathroom cabinet (or the height of the countertop) not too high.

2. Undercounter Basin

The undercounter basin is a very common type of basin on the market. Its most notable feature is that it is easy to take care of, there is no sanitary dead corner, and the cleaning of the countertop is also very convenient. Just pour the water into the basin.

But its shortcomings are also more obvious: the appearance is flat, the style is less; the installation is relatively difficult, if the connection between the basin and the countertop is not done well, it is easy to leak, which affects the use of the bathroom cabinet below; it is also very troublesome to replace. Raise the entire countertop.

3. Taichung basin/semi-recessed basin

This semi-recessed basin, which is between the over-counter basin and the under-counter basin, is also between the above-counter and under-counter in terms of aesthetics, convenience of installation and replacement. At the same time, it also combines the shortcomings of both: it is not easy to clean, and there are relatively few styles, but it is widely used.


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