Are Bathroom Cabinets Wall Mounted or Floor Mounted?


Speaking of bathroom cabinets, it is already a househol […]

Speaking of bathroom cabinets, it is already a household necessity. Bathroom cabinets can be purchased as finished products, by bricklayers, by carpenters, or by custom furniture merchants. However, no matter which way you choose to buy a bathroom cabinet, you will face a problem: choose wall-mounted or floor-standing.

Floor-standing bathroom cabinet: It is in contact with the bathroom floor, and the location is basically planned in advance. The installation is very simple, the storage space is large, and it can store items with relatively large volume and weight.

Wall-mounted bathroom cabinet: It needs to be embedded in the wall, which will be more troublesome to install. It is more suitable for bathroom space where the separation of dry and wet is not well done and the storage is relatively limited.

1. Wall structure

If there is a load-bearing wall on the wall of the bathroom space, you can consider installing a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, otherwise you can only choose a floor-standing bathroom cabinet. Because the bathroom cabinet has a certain weight, there are certain requirements for the structure of the wall. If the wall cannot bear the weight of the bathroom cabinet, the bathroom cabinet is likely to fall, which is a great safety hazard.

2. The space area of the bathroom

If your bathroom is within 5 square meters, it is recommended to choose a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet. Because the TA can be hung on the wall, it does not occupy space, is small in size, and is easy to clean. For small apartments, wall-mounted bathroom cabinets are more practical.

If your bathroom area is more than 10 square meters, it is recommended to choose a floor-standing bathroom cabinet. TA's various drawers double the storage space. In addition, a variety of styles are better matched and look more upscale, atmospheric and high-end.

3. Toilet drainage method

Before buying a bathroom cabinet, you need to determine whether your bathroom is wall-drained or floor-drained. Different drainage methods determine different styles of bathroom cabinets: if it is floor drainage, it is best to choose a floor-standing bathroom cabinet, so that the cabinet can hide the drainage pipe, which is more visually beautiful; if it is wall drainage, there is no water pipe. The problem is exposed, so you can choose a floor-standing or wall-mounted bathroom cabinet.

4. Cleanliness of the bathroom

The disadvantage of the floor cabinet is that it has a sanitary corner. Although the floor type is a floor type, it is not completely in direct contact with the ground. There will be a relatively narrow space below. This space is actually a hygiene corner. At the same time, dust and deposits can easily accumulate under the floor-standing bathroom cabinet. Water, dirty, and once it gets dirty, we have a hard time cleaning because the space is so small, and wall-mounted cabinets don't have that trouble.

What I want to tell us is that there is no absolute good or bad whether it is a floor-standing bathroom cabinet or a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet. You just need to choose the one that suits you according to your actual situation.

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