Five Common Components of Bathroom Furniture


Choosing furniture in the bathroom is usually considere […]

Choosing furniture in the bathroom is usually considered in two directions: function and style. When you combine the two, you can have a stylish bathroom that you'll be proud to share with your family and guests. Some fixtures are necessary for your daily shower and grooming tasks. Others are fine too and can be installed gradually when you have the time and money. Here are 5 types of bathroom furniture for you to choose from.

1. Towel strips

Every bathroom must have towels. However, they don't have to be simple. There are many styles and shapes to choose from. For example, consider installing curved or round rods instead of standard straight rods. You can buy towel covers in different lengths to hang hand and body towels. You can also try the material of the towel bar. Replace plastic and wood with brass or satin nickel towel bars.

2. Wall Mounted Mirror

There can't be too many mirrors in the bathroom. This is a traditional bathroom vanity mirror, and one with a medicine cabinet. You can also add a wall mounted magnifying glass. Jerdon First Class made a 20.32 cm model that can be enlarged 5 times and another 7 times larger. This is handy for shaving or checking those hard to see places on your body.

3. Robe Hook

It's a small bathroom fixture, but it's a handy accessory. That way you don't have to toss your bathrobe on the toilet, towel counter, or floor. It also gives the bathroom an elegant look. You can install a single-hook or double-hook bathrobe, depending on how many people use the bathroom. These coins weigh about 10 pounds and come in a variety of styles such as bronze or pearl nickel.

4. Bathroom Faucets

These are must-haves that can help define the look and style of your bathroom. You're used to traditional metal faucets with plastic or glass knobs. Think a little further and give your bathroom a new look by replacing it with a different material or installing a new one. Delta sells single-stage faucets with ceramic valves instead of metal pop-up faucets with knobs. These are easy to install and weigh 6 pounds.

5. Bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting is key to function and style. There are many options, but it's important to consider what you want to accomplish with your lighting. If you want bright lights so you can see better when using your bathroom mirror, then you should consider installing 3 or 5 lighting systems above your bathroom vanity mirror. One of the offerings is the Thomas Lightning Homes collection of five lamps in brushed nickel finish with swirl alabaster-style glass. These lamps are 91.44 cm wide and 22.86 cm high and can hold 100-watt bulbs.

All these bathroom fixtures can make your bathroom experience pleasant and well organized. Start with the must-dos on this list, then make a plan to add others later.

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