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The bathroom is a scene of high frequency use, so how c […]

The bathroom is a scene of high frequency use, so how can we not occupy the precious bathroom, but also make up in the bathroom?

The common practice in Japan is to separate the dry and wet, and create a makeup area in the dry area (washing table, mirror cabinet area). This design is called a wash and make-up table.

How does the Japanese face wash and dresser stand out among the many face wash and dressers? Many washstands on the market emphasize minimalism, but Japanese design is the main function and convenience. It is absolutely right to know more about it.

1. Lighting of pain points in the bathroom

Only the top light is turned on, and the light comes from the headlight and behind, just forming a shadow on the face, forming a backlight effect, and the face is dim and dull, which affects the makeup effect and even the mood.

Lighting solution:

The use of LED lighting equipment is only 8W, under the premise of fully meeting the lighting needs, and achieving energy saving and environmental protection.

The front light makes the face light even during makeup and beauty, which can effectively eliminate some shadows.

2. Storage of toilet pain points

The bathroom cabinet didn't have enough storage space, and the makeup was messed up in the morning. Either one could not be found, or the other was knocked off. It’s enjoyment for others to put on makeup. When you put on your own makeup, it’s like torture. Let’s take a look at how the Japanese face wash and dresser solves it~

Storage solution:

The all-in-one mirror cabinet gives home to all the stray toiletries. The strict zoning and functional settings make the placement both random and tidy.

1. The cabinet door on the left can put makeup or skin care products, and the separated basket can be moved to adjust the height, which is easy to take and easy to clean.

2. The items with lower discharge frequency on the upper row are relatively easy to pick and place on the lower row.

3. There is a metal draining and drying area at the bottom left, which is suitable for placing wet objects such as cups and soap.

4. There is a power supply at the bottom right, suitable for storing razors, electric toothbrushes, etc.

The storage of the lower cabinet is also a strictly partitioned space that cannot be spared, and the upper and lower partitions are divided according to the frequency and size of use.

1. The lower cabinet on the first floor is suitable for storing towels, paper towels, cotton swabs, etc. The small storage box can put cosmetics and other customary items for easy access.

2. The lower cabinet on the second floor is suitable for storing buckets, detergents, laundry detergent and other cleaning products with more storage space.

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