Material Selection of The Main Cabinet of The Washbasin Cabinet


Main cabinet material: PVC board, stainless steel, soli […]

Main cabinet material: PVC board, stainless steel, solid wood, veneer material, each has its advantages and disadvantages:

(1) PVC board:

Advantages: good waterproof, relatively low price, scratch-resistant

Disadvantages: easy to deform, easy to turn yellow

(2) Solid wood

Advantages: good-looking, hard and stable

Disadvantages: high price

(3) Stainless steel

Advantages: good waterproof, easy to clean

Disadvantages: Old-fashioned style

(4) Veneer type

Advantages: good appearance, relatively stable, lower price than solid wood

Disadvantages: easy to crack

Nowadays, the main cabinet of the washbasin cabinet is mostly made of multi-layer solid wood. Some brands will apply some functional paint on the surface of the multi-layer solid wood to increase durability; some brands have frosted the surface without lacquer treatment. It will be safer and more environmentally friendly. If you have pregnant women or babies at home, it is more recommended to choose unpainted solid wood.

Summary: The budget is sufficient to choose solid wood, otherwise choose veneer and so on.

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