How Do Ordinary Families Choose Bathroom Cabinets?


How do ordinary families choose bathroom cabinets? What […]

How do ordinary families choose bathroom cabinets? What are the selection techniques for bathroom cabinets? Let's take a look.

1. For ordinary families, wall cabinets, wall cabinets, or wheels are the best choice, which can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground.

2. It is necessary to know whether all metal parts are stainless steel aluminum products or bathroom cabinets with moisture treatment to insure moisture resistance.

3. It is necessary to check the opening of the bathroom cabinet hinge. When the opening angle reaches 180 degrees, it is more convenient to pick and place items.

4. When choosing the style of the bathroom cabinet, you must ensure the maintenance of the inlet and outlet pipes and the opening of the valve, and will not leave any trouble for future maintenance and overhaul.

Dry and wet separation to accommodate bathroom cabinets have relatively strict requirements on the environment in the bathroom, that is, dry and wet separation. The shower needs to be separated from other areas, the shower water will not splash around, and the space outside the shower must be dry.

At present, sanitary wares in European and American countries are generally separated from dry and wet, and domestic high-end apartments and some commercial houses are mostly designed. With such a bathroom, you can keep all areas dry, and you can choose bathroom cabinets of various styles and materials. The best way to separate wet and dry in a smaller bathroom is to install a shower door or separate shower.

Ease of use is the ultimate goal. The layout of bathroom cabinets is closely related to the bathroom area. Large spaces should be large and suitable, and small spaces should have all functions, but convenience is the ultimate goal. In a large bathroom, the nature of dry and wet are separated, and a good physical environment makes the bathroom cabinets have plenty of space. Designers can place different types of bathroom cabinets according to users' functional requirements and aesthetic requirements. Various toiletries, cleaning supplies and clothing are divided into different categories.

In addition, it can be classified according to family members, so that everyone has an independent storage space, making users more convenient and hygienic. In a small bathroom of only four to five square meters, the shower, toilet and washstand occupy a lot of space, so it is not easy to separate dry and wet. Consumers should choose bathroom cabinets according to actual conditions. It can be hung in the corner or higher than the floor of the bathroom cabinet so that the development of the upper space can also effectively use the small space.

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