How To Choose Wash Basin Bathroom Cabinet?


At present, the mainstream substrate selected for wash […]

At present, the mainstream substrate selected for wash basin bathroom cabinets on the market is waterproof MDF, which is a kind of "rigid" board processed by a special process after the selected wood materials are crushed into powder. Its waterproof performance is better than ordinary fiberboard, and it is the first choice for high-end basin cabinets. Related Tips: Tips for Purchasing Basin Cabinets

1. For ordinary families, it is best to choose a wall-mounted basin cabinet with taller cabinet legs or wheels, which can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground;

2. It is necessary to understand whether all metal parts are stainless steel that has been moisture-proofed or aluminum products for basin cabinets so that the moisture resistance can be guaranteed;

3. It is necessary to check the opening degree of the basin cabinet hinge. When the opening angle reaches 180 degrees, it is more convenient to pick and place items;

4. When choosing the style of the basin cabinet, ensure the overhaul of the inlet and outlet pipes and the opening of the valve, and do not leave trouble for future maintenance and overhaul.

Dry and wet separation can accommodate the basin cabinet. Wooden basin cabinets have relatively harsh requirements for the environment in the bathroom, that is, the separation of dry and wet. The shower is required to be separated from other areas so that the shower water will not splash around and keep the space outside the shower dry. At present, bathroom rooms in European and American countries are generally separated from dry and wet, and domestic high-end apartments and some commercial houses are also designed in this way. With such a bathroom, you can keep each area dry, and you can easily choose washbasin cabinets of various styles and materials.

For smaller bathrooms, the best way to separate wet and dry is to install a shower door or separate shower room. Ease of use is the ultimate goal. The placement of the washbasin cabinet is closely related to the area of the bathroom. The large space needs to be large and appropriate, and the small space needs to have all functions, but the ultimate goal is to use convenience.

In the large bathroom, the dry and wet are separated naturally, and the good physical environment makes the basin cabinet have ample space for housing. Designers can place different forms of washbasin cabinets according to the functional requirements and aesthetic needs of users, and place all kinds of toiletries, cleaning supplies, and clothing in different categories. In addition, it can be classified according to family members, so that everyone has an independent storage space, making it more convenient and hygienic for users.

In a small bathroom with only about four or five square meters, the shower, toilet, and washstand have occupied a lot of space, so it is not easy to separate the dry and wet. Consumers should choose the basin cabinet according to the actual situation. Optional bathroom cabinets hung in the corners or higher from the ground so that the upper space can be developed, and the small space can also be effectively used.

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