How to Choose A Bathroom LED Mirror Cabinet?


How to choose bathroom led mirror cabinets? 1. The styl […]

How to choose bathroom led mirror cabinets?

1. The style should be unified

Because there are many kinds of materials and shapes, we must first consider the overall style of the bathroom before buying. If your bathroom is decorated in European style, we can choose a mirror cabinet with a round or oval shape and a more ornate pattern, which can show the European luxury atmosphere. Generally speaking, bathroom mirror cabinets should be similar in size to bathroom cabinets in order to create a sense of harmony. In addition, the installation height of the bathroom mirror should be determined according to the size of the bathroom, the height of the owner, and the usage habits.

2. Look at the waterproofness

Due to the relatively large water consumption in this space, we will produce a lot of water vapor when we take a bath. If the water resistance of the mirror cabinet is poor, it will be easy to rust, fall off, get damp, and fade. Therefore, when we buy bathroom mirrors, we must pay attention to its water resistance and rust resistance. We have to carefully observe how its coating process is. Only when the coating and the mirror body are closely combined can it have a good waterproof and rust-proof effect.

3. Look at the brand

If your budget is sufficient, we can choose some well-known mirror cabinets when buying mirror cabinets, so that its mirror quality and storage design are guaranteed. In addition, when we buy a mirror cabinet, we can observe whether there is any bending or deformation from the front, side, back and other angles. If not, it means that the quality is better.

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