Introduction to The Advantages of Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets


At present, the bathroom cabinet materials on the marke […]

At present, the bathroom cabinet materials on the market are solid wood, MDF, multilayer board and so on. Due to the value properties of the materials themselves, they are developing in the market using their respective advantages and complement each other. If you want to understand the price of each material, you should talk about their respective advantages and disadvantages. Here are two materials as a reference.

The advantages of solid wood bathroom cabinets are as follows:

① Hardness and durability-solid wood is durable and strong. If you want to buy a bathroom cabinet that can be used for decades, solid wood bathroom cabinets are the first choice. Solid wood has such a hard texture that it has been used all over the world to build entire buildings and even bridges. Of course, different types of solid wood materials have different hardness. For example, oak is harder and has a longer life span than cedar.

②Aesthetics-In terms of appearance, solid wood is unparalleled in aesthetics. It is born with a beautiful texture, and when it is made into a bathroom cabinet, it makes the bathroom cabinet look more beautiful on the whole and closer to nature. If aesthetics and style are your top priorities, solid wood is a good choice. But just like strength and durability, different wood types have different aesthetic properties. For example, although red oak is stronger than white oak, white oak is more commonly used because it looks better.

③Customization-When using solid wood, the bathroom cabinet can be customized in many ways, including shape, finish and color.

④ Value-Bathroom cabinets made of solid wood are often more valuable than furniture made of processed wood.

⑤Various varieties-There are many types of solid woods, each with different strength, cost and appearance.

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