Is PVC Bathroom Cabinet Worth Choosing?


PVC bathroom cabinet is made of polyvinyl chloride mate […]

PVC bathroom cabinet is made of polyvinyl chloride materials and other materials, and adopts high-density double-skinning process PVC sheet, which has strong waterproof performance and high hardness. Adopt branded hinges and painted rails. Scratch-resistant, high-density, durable. Various styles and novel designs.

Advantages of PVC bathroom cabinet:

1. High cost performance

PVC is a relatively high cost performance material. Bathroom cabinets made from it have an exquisite appearance, but the price is cheaper than solid wood bathroom cabinets.

2. Long service life

PVC bathroom cabinets do not absorb water, swell or deform, have high hardness, light weight, and good stability. The accessories generally use high-quality handles, stainless steel with zinc alloy door hinges, high-grade stainless steel silent rails, and stainless steel adjustable cabinet feet, which are strong and durable. It is not only practical, but also has a long service life.

3. Beautiful appearance

PVC bathroom cabinets are bright in color, novel in style and beautiful in appearance, which can be chosen by customers at will. The cabinet body adopts the integral fixed type, and the layout is cautious.

4. Green and environmental protection

The exterior of PVC bathroom cabinet is made of high-quality paint, and its environmental protection function is controlled. In addition, PVC is a recyclable material, so PVC bathroom cabinet is a very environmentally friendly bathroom cabinet.

5. Easy to clean

The exterior paint of PVC bathroom cabinet is rich in color, lubricated, not easy to stick to dirt, and easy to clean. PVC bathroom cabinet has better moisture-proof function and is not easy to absorb water, so it is convenient to clean.

6. Easy to install

The panels used in PVC bathroom cabinets belong to chemical panels. This material is very soft. The manufactured bathroom cabinets are very light and can be easily moved and installed.

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