The Characteristics of Various Bathroom Cabinet Materials


Bathroom cabinets are almost indispensable in the bathr […]

Bathroom cabinets are almost indispensable in the bathroom. Nowadays, there are many types of bathroom cabinets on the market, so how to choose? Today, Housen bathroom vanity factory will give you a brief introduction to several popular bathroom cabinets.

1. Solid wood mirror cabinet: adopts high-quality oak that has been dried twice in multiple layers as raw materials. Rubber wood is mainly produced in Southeast Asia. The material has clear natural grain, blue-red and blue-white appearance, and fine wood grain lines. After uniform anti-corrosion, vacuum, and non-toxic drying treatment, the machine is optimized and assembled into a shape, and the surface is repeatedly sprayed, repaired and polished with high-quality paint for several days. The finished solid wood cabinet has a smooth surface, hard wood, strong cabinet body, good waterproof performance of the lacquered solid wood panel, low water seepage expansion, and no deformation.

2. Foamed PVC cabinet: The material is basically non-absorbent, non-swelling, and non-deformed. It is a chemical board, easy to open, and the product is easy to move. The cost is relatively high among similar bathroom cabinet raw materials. The disadvantage is that the material is soft, the resilience is poor, and it is afraid of high temperature and easy to change color.

3. Crystal board cabinet: The crystal board is a kind of rubber board, also called plexiglass. It can be bent, has a bright and smooth surface, various colors, and the surface is waterproof. It can be pasted on the moisture-proof composite board/medium fiber board to be processed into a crystal board. The crystal cabinet product has been processed in multiple processes. After the finished product, the cabinet body is firmly connected and has a rigorous structure. At the same time, the cabinet is still resistant to bending and shrinking, and has the characteristics of non-fading, fine and smooth hand feeling.

4. Aluminum-plastic board cabinet: It is processed from aluminum-plastic board, aluminum strip and moisture-proof board. Its characteristics are similar to crystal plates.

In summary, in terms of grade, solid wood cabinets and aluminum-plastic cabinets have higher appearances. In terms of waterproof performance, solid wood cabinets are better, followed by aluminum-plastic cabinets and crystal cabinets. This is because the basic materials of the aluminum-plastic cabinet and the crystal cabinet are made of moisture-proof panels, and the moisture-proof panels are moisture-proof, moisture-proof and waterproof, but they are not resistant to water immersion. If they are immersed for too long, they are more prone to expansion and deformation.

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