Selection and Matching of Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets


Matters needing attention when choosing solid wood bath […]

Matters needing attention when choosing solid wood bathroom cabinet 1. Stand surface: Pay attention to the characteristics of beauty, easy care, anti-seepage, firmness and durability. 2. Look at the material: Choose a material that is not easy to deform, hard wood, natural texture, and durable. The more common solid wood bathroom cabinet on the market. 3. Look at the paint: health, environmental protection, fullness, bright as new, and anti-aging properties are very important. 4. Look at the structure: beautiful and practical, temperament and taste, and humanity are very important.

The matching skills of solid wood bathroom cabinets:

1. The combination of solid wood bathroom cabinets: bathroom cabinets do not have a more consistent style like kitchen cabinets. You can create various styles of bathroom cabinets anywhere in the bathroom; it can be a corner cabinet, an arc cabinet or a box cabinet , It can also be a bar cabinet behind the door or a detachable combined bathroom cabinet. You can count different specifications of bathroom cabinets according to the bathroom area.

2. Color and matching of solid wood bathroom cabinets: The colors of bathroom cabinets are more diverse. In recent years, light-colored bathroom cabinets are still the mainstream.

3. The style selection of solid wood bathroom cabinet: solid wood bathroom cabinets mainly have 4 styles: avant-garde cool, nostalgic classic, natural and fresh and modern classic. The avant-garde play cool bathroom cabinet is based on a simple design style, and the colors used are bolder, which is favored by many young people. The nostalgic classical bathroom cabinet has a Chinese-style classical artistic beauty. It is better to decorate the bathroom with the anti-corrosion floor, which is more coordinated.

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