The Design Of Modern Bathroom Cabinets Is Simple And Stylish


Bathroom cabinets are classified according to their sty […]

Bathroom cabinets are classified according to their styles. They can be divided into modern bathroom cabinets, European bathroom cabinets, Nordic bathroom cabinets, American bathroom cabinets, and Chinese bathroom cabinets. Among them, modern bathroom cabinets are the most popular style now, which conforms to the aesthetics of modern people. Let's explain the characteristics of these style bathroom cabinets one by one.


Modern Bathroom Cabinets , the design emphasizes simplicity but not simplicity. Fashion is full of design. Compared with other styles, it pays more attention to the details of the product. There is no fancy decoration, simple lines, and practical to use. Design multiple compact and practical lockers for easy storage Hide all the daily necessities, bottles, and cans in daily life.


European style bathroom cabinets are mostly made of red oak. The design is magnificent, with many details, such as European style carving, copper pull ring, carved picture frame, etc. Compared with modern style, the European style bathroom cabinet is more complicated and exudes The elegance of European style and the retro beauty of European style also make people "inseparable". It is suitable for the luxurious decoration of high-end villas.


Nordic style bathroom cabinets, the cabinets are mostly in natural wood color, it is simple and practical, it reflects the respect for tradition, the appreciation of natural materials, the restraint of form and decoration, and no carvings and patterns are used. Simple, direct, functional, and close to nature, it reflects the tranquility of Northern Europe.


American style bathroom cabinets are derived from the American style of decoration and decoration, without too many artificial modifications and constraints, and inadvertently reflect a casual romance. In recent years, the American style has captured the majority of Chinese owners and more and more people like such atmospheric decoration. American style has always been known for its spaciousness, comfort, and mixed styles.

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