What Are The Vanity Classifications?


What are the vanity classifications? 1. European classi […]

What are the vanity classifications?

1. European classical vanity

Imitation of European classical dresser is generally paved with marble. This dresser is more suitable for rooms decorated with Nordic style, and the overall feeling is very romantic and warm.

2. Modern vanity

Most modern dressing tables retain the structure of classical dressing tables with one table, one stool and one mirror, which is more modern in design.

3. Vanity of French cabinet

French chest dresser is a combination of chest and dressing table, which is made of logs, with steady and elegant shape, strong color, natural pattern, mystery and romance. This dressing table is very powerful, and many things can be put in the lower drawers, but it may not be convenient to sit and make up.

4. Desk vanity

There are drawers on both sides of the desk-type dressing table, the table top is a flat table top, and when the table top is lifted, it is a mirror with various cosmetics placed in a small grid. This dressing table can be used as both a desk and a dressing table, which is beautiful and fashionable, and is very suitable for small-sized households.

5. Station vanity

For women, where there is a mirror is a dressing table. Some stand-up dressing tables will be equipped with several small grids on the left and right sides or below the mirror, on which cosmetics and skin care products can be placed, while some stand-up dressing tables have only one mirror, which is exaggerated in shape and simple in fashion. However, the standing dresser is not equipped with a dressing stool, which is suitable for makeup repair and makeup adjustment, but not suitable for formal makeup, and is mostly arranged at the bathroom door or porch.

6. Bathroom vanity

If the sink has enough space and proper lighting, you can put the skin care products you use every day in the bathroom. There are spacious and clean mirror surfaces, bright lights, convenient water use, and freshly cleaned skin, which saves a lot of trouble and makes a full set of dressing in the bathroom in one go.

7. Vanity in cloakroom

If having one's own dressing table is an entry-level ideal for every woman, then having a cloakroom can be said to be a primary ideal, while having a cloakroom with a dressing table is simply a woman's advanced ideal. Dressing table and wardrobe are necessities of life for women. They are combined into one, and a dressing table is arranged in the cloakroom, with makeup and accessories in front of the mirror. This kind of happiness every woman wants to have.

8. Wardrobe with vanity

Earlier, we talked about the dressing table in the cloakroom. If conditions permit, it is perfect to leave a space at home to make cloakroom and dressing table. However, if the room layout is limited, and it tends to be combined furniture, then the wardrobe with dressing table is the most suitable choice. From the aesthetic point of view, the modeling style, including color, is a harmonious beauty. From the functional point of view, the wardrobe with dressing table as combined furniture not only saves space, but also facilitates the whole process of makeup and matching clothes and accessories. Moreover, in terms of feng shui, it is not very good for the mirror to face the bed or doors and windows. Setting the dressing table in the wardrobe can also avoid the taboos in feng shui, which is the best of all.

9. Vanity of bay window

The floating window dressing table is also a kind of combined furniture. When the dressing table is not in use, it is a general cabinet. Nothing can be put on the table top, and some potted plants and vases can also be put on it. But after opening, there are storage cabinets on both sides and mirrors in the middle, which have both makeup and storage functions. There is another kind of floating window dressing table, in which a movable dressing table is placed on the floating window which is unused or not ideal in height, which is also a new home fashion.

Nowadays, people are more and more inclusive about decoration style, and there are people who favor it in various styles of decoration. Some people like exaggeration, some people like simplicity, some people like functional style, and some people value aesthetics, so they don't have to follow the aesthetics of the public.

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