What Material is Good for Wash Basin Bathroom Cabinet?


Some of the wash basin bathroom cabinet is a set of fin […]

Some of the wash basin bathroom cabinet is a set of finished products, which can be used after buying and installing the combination. Some are designed and customized according to the space, and choose to match the cabinets, countertops, wash basins, faucets, mirrors and other parts by themselves. No matter which method you choose, you must first understand the knowledge of each combination of wash basin bathroom cabinet, so that it is easier to choose when buying. This article introduces what material should be used for wash basin bathroom cabinet? Its advantages and disadvantages.

In the bathroom decoration, the washbasin combination cabinet is already an indispensable part. It not only looks neat and generous, but also provides us with storage functions to make the bathroom look neater. So how to design the wash basin bathroom cabinet combination? Let's take a look at the combined effect picture of wash basin bathroom cabinet.

Because the wash basin bathroom cabinet is in a long-term humid space, the requirements for the cabinet material are relatively high. The basic requirement is whether the material is waterproof and whether it can be used for a long time without deformation. Generally there are the following materials.

1. What material is good for wash basin bathroom cabinet--PVC sheet

The raw material is PVC skinned foam board, and pvc board belongs to chemical board.


It is moisture-proof and waterproof, the price is low, and the color and gloss of the paint is bright and dazzling. The pvc material is very soft, so the weight of the pvc bathroom cabinet is very small and easy to move. PVC bathroom cabinets do not absorb water and will not swell and deform like wood. But the price is much cheaper than other solid wood bathroom cabinets. The pvc bath cabinet has strong waterproof performance, high hardness, and strong practicability and service life. The pvc bath cabinet is also scratch-resistant, high-density, easy to process, and novel and unique in style design.


Long-term hanging on the wall pvc sheet may be deformed, and it is not easy to recover after deformation. Pvc sheet has very high formaldehyde content. Moreover, pvc bathroom cabinets have poor resilience, easy to fade, and cannot withstand high temperatures. PVC bathroom cabinets are relatively fragile and have average anti-collision capabilities. PVC bathroom cabinets have poor stability to light and heat, and tend to turn yellow after a long time of use. Under the action of long-term water vapor, pvc bath cabinets are easy to peel.

2. What material is good for wash basin bathroom cabinet-multi-layer solid wood board

Multi-layer solid wood boards are made by hot pressing of three or more layers of veneer or thin board wood glue.


Multi-layer solid wood panels are harder, more stable in structure, and not easily deformed. The multi-layer solid wood board has the characteristics of not easy to deform and can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. The surface layer of solid wood veneer material has the texture and feel of natural and real wood, and the appearance is beautiful and generous. The multi-layer solid wood board bathroom cabinet uses environmentally friendly glue, so the environmental performance is better.


Multi-layer solid wood panels have very high requirements for the production process, and if the processing process does not meet the standards, the desired effect will not be achieved. The waterproof performance is not very good. If the sealing tape is not handled well, it is easy to absorb moisture and deform, which will affect the service life. If the surface of the solid wood veneer gets too much moisture, it is easily damaged and cannot be repaired. Multi-layer solid wood boards need to be taken care of more carefully than other materials, and they should also be taken care of and waterproof at ordinary times.

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