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about Housen

Hangzhou Housen Furniture Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Housen Furniture Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer, dealing with designing, R & D, production and the sale of top-grade Bathroom Furniture since 1992, and officially established in 2005.

It located in the “earthly paradise”-Hangzhou, our company is close to the Alibaba Group.

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Hangzhou Housen Furniture Co., Ltd. is an industry and trade company. We commtted to producing  

high-end bathroom cabinets and other bathroom furniture

supporting products. The factory is about 10000m².

Global sales

Exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and other countries.

Quality assurance

Our production and QC system,standardized and institutionalized.

Quality service

From the consumer, customer service, and the interests of the masses.

Customer return

Feedback plays a key role in our product development and production


We will provide OEM service and also accept customer's designs, or course we will provide the private design of our customers.

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We integrate production and manufacturing with a stamping workshop, a paint Workshop, a polishing workshop, and a assembly workshop etc. So we can offer the price and products directly.

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Quality control

We will check all parts of the board material and hardwares, and after finishing the products, we also will check all parts and test if it can work successfully; then we will pack all good ones for clients.

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Product advantages

R & D capabilities

Strong R & D capability and comprehensive production chain and product line

Production Process

Main production chain - stamping workshop, die casting workshop, bending workshop, polishing workshop, electroplating factory, etc.

bodybuilding testing

Advanced automated production equipment and laboratory testing equipment

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